Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gettysburg PRS Field Trip #13

As some of you know I finally had the opportunity to go on one of the PRS Field Trips.  I attended Field Trip 13 in Gettysburg and I had such an amazing time.  I wanted to share some of my experiences with you.

I was so excited when I bought my EE (Extended Experience) ticket in late August, and started the countdown which was in the early 100s.  For some of you who know me, I am the countdown queen LOL.  I always do them whenever I am looking forward to a certain event or holiday.  During this time I still had a holiday to the Eastern Caribbean to look forward to with my husband, and three months of work ahead of me.  I have made so many friends from Ryan's Facebook fan page, Twitter, and the webinars who were going on the field trip and I couldn't wait to meet them in person.  Some of them had been on previous field trips, and shared some of their stories and photos.

Even though I was really excited to be attending my first field trip, I knew this was going to be a huge challenge for Chad and I since we have been married for 4 years, together for 10, and had never spent more than one night away from each other.  Chad and I are very close, he is my best friend and I like doing these adventures together, but unfortunately it didn't work for both of us to go.  I was stressed out about the idea of traveling on my own since I kept having nightmares of losing my plane ticket, sleeping in the airport and forgetting to board my plane, or not being able to find my way around the airport.  I also worried about sitting next to someone on the plane who ends up being airsick as I had a horrible experience of this happening when I was 15 years old.  An old neighbor came with me to England and she ended up being airsick the entire flight.  Thankfully, I can say this time that didn't happen.  When we got to the airport, Chad helped me check my bag in, then we walked up to security, said our goodbyes, and gave each other hugs.  This is when it hit me, I was actually leaving him for a few days.

In Gettysburg, we played Paranormal Jeopardy.  I was surprised at how much I knew about Paranormal State, PRS History, and Paranormal 101 webinar from Ryan.  I guess I do pay attention in class LOL.  I believe our group got up to 3200 points, of course we lost that in the Final Jeopardy round but for myself I really enjoyed the fun of it.  I also enjoyed the Iching lecture from Serg. He had an Iching book and we would shake the pennies and then he would go through what they all meant.  I shared something very personal, and the results I got were very interesting.  I will say that I have started to communicate with certain loved ones, but it is a slow and steady process.  The other lecture I attended was Paranormal Trauma which was given by Chris and Ryan.  Before the lecture started Chris shared some childhood stories of her and Ryan, they were so funny and cute.  I think its awesome how long they have been friends for.  I always enjoy listening to Ryan, he has some of the most compelling, personal stories.  I like that he takes his time. I get so absorbed by it, and sometimes even relate to what he is saying.  These are stories that we don't hear everyday, and that's why I find them so interesting. I also like how he puts his heart into it as well.

Over the weekend, I did the Ganzfeld experiment and every single time I had different experiences.  One of the experiences I had that stuck out for me was when I actually opened up to one of my room mates.  She was the receiver, and I was the sender.  The picture I had to get across to her was Albert Einstein with his tongue sticking out.  At the time I had different feelings, and later on I found out that she had picked up on the feelings I was having.  It was pretty incredible, considering Gettysburg was the first time we had met in person.  I think this is when we truly understood each other and became good friends.  I think Sergey was pretty excited about it too.

One of my favorite ghost hunts we did was at the orphanage.  The history behind it was so sad, but I related to it so well since I have worked with many children of all ages.  I decided to go in the dungeon, while Alex sat just outside of it.  For a while we didn't experience anything but then things started to happen.  We didn't know what had happened in there since the guy who worked there didn't share any of the stories.  He wanted to wait until after so it wouldn't take away from our experiences.  Dani, Lee, and Craig later joined me, and they brought in a flashlight.  Lee started to play jacks, and we would ask certain questions and the flash light would go off, or on depending on the question.  A couple times I felt like someone was playing with my hair, then I felt like someone was tickling me. At one point I also felt like someone had sat in my lap so hard that it made me jump.  I couldn't believe some of the experiences I was having.  I felt calm, and I didn't feel threatened in any way since I knew they were children.  After we were done the ghost hunt, the guy told us some of the stories that happened throughout the orphanage and in the dungeon.  I could not believe how much of his story had matched up with some of the experiences I just had.  It was incredible and definitely something I will never forget.  Since I have been home, I told a few people about my experiences and they believe that the children may have felt safe around me since I have worked with so many growing up babysitting, working in daycares, as well as teaching Sunday School.

I really enjoyed all of the events that I attended. They were so much fun and it was really cool to be with a group of people like myself who have had their own experiences, and finally having people understand.  We were kept so busy all weekend, that I only had a chance to FaceTime my husband once and I texted him whenever I could.  I'm pretty sure I only got 15 hours of sleep throughout the whole weekend.  It was really cool to meet Ryan's dog, Xander! He is such a friendly dog.  I have to say that was definitely one of my highlights.

The other highlight of the weekend was having social time with all of the PRS members and field trippers going to a local bar, having a couple of drinks and saying our goodbyes.  It was such a bittersweet moment.  Later on my room mates and I had pizza with Ryan, Serg and Xander back at the hotel, it was a lot of fun.  We talked about the weekend, had a very interesting hair conversation that Ryan brought up LOL! I still can't believe what he said. LOL!  I already knew that Ryan likes to be a big tease at times, but to hear his kind of humor was just icing on the cake. It was definitely a great way to end the weekend. 

I had already met Ryan, Serg, and Eilfie at previous PRS events but it was really cool to meet Chris, Katrina, and Heather.  If you haven't been to a PRS event, I can tell you by experience that all of the members make you feel so welcome and they are all down to earth people. 

My overall experience in Gettysburg was AMAZING! I can't express how much fun I had. I also learned a lot about myself, that I do have confidence in myself, and I need to show it more often.  I challenged myself to be away from my husband for a few days. It was definitely hard at times, and I did break down and missed him so much. I also challenged myself to mingle amongst other people who I hadn't met yet and made some awesome friends over the weekend, you all know who you are;)  I can't wait to go on Field Trip 14 wherever that may be, and have Chad come with me so we can have our next adventure together.  I wanted to say a special thanx to all of the PRS members, Jerae the most awesome events coordinator for keeping everything running smoothly, and all of the volunteers for their hard work and guests for an incredible time.  I will never ever forget my first field trip of a lifetime.

For those of you who have never been on a PRS field trip and have been thinking about it, don't think just do it!! You will meet such wonderful people, and have an incredible experience.  Don't worry about going by yourself, I can guarantee that you will make lots of friends and memories that will last you a lifetime.

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